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My experience with Focus has been life changing. I began taking Focus 4 years ago in hopes of helping with my chronic migraines, that I had battled with for 7+years. I've been migraine free for 4 years now! Seizure free for 4 years! Disabling pain is manageable. It has helped me more than I thought possible! It has been the catalyst to my healing journey back to Health.
- Shanna D.
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I was reluctant to take Dream at first because I've never taken anything with THC. Decided to start using it and have had the most restful and restorative sleep ever. Because of my line of work and also becoming a novice CrossFit competitor, sleep and recuperation is critical. Incorporating Dream into my nighttime routine was a very smart decision.
- Ryan B.
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My husband and I have been taking the Dream Sleep Gummies for months now. He takes a half, I take a whole, we both sleep and if we have to get up in the middle of the night, we fall back asleep and still wake up rested - so glad we tried them!
- Sloan H.
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I’ve learned that I only need 1/2 a gummy and it helps me sleep like a baby. My mother in law has struggled with insomnia for many years and since she’s been using the Dream gummies she’s been able to truly rest and allow her body to heal at night and function normally during the day. Wonderful product I recommend to family and friends.
- Alma W.
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- Kaoru A.
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For everyday optimal Health Balance, we rely on SHIELD… and even more when traveling, or recovering from a cold, or helping eliminate seasonal allergy symptoms!
- Linaka J.

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